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    IBRSC COMMITTEE MEETING ON 3rd July 2017: 19:30hrs @ club house


    Apologies: Colin Bristow, Anthony Tahourdin, Dave Baldwin, Rob Petite, Chris Smith, Nick Marley

    Present: John Smith, David Simpson, Gareth Griffiths, Mike Storey (Chair), John Oldham (minutes), Alexis Villiers, Mike Jones, Tessa Groves, Tony Sproat.

    Actions from previous meeting.

    Meeting the RYA to discuss the club sailing school.
    Mike and Colin met with Steve Mitchell on Steve’s return from holiday. It was originally felt that the RYA would not wish to lose us as members and the club operates an effective safe rescue system therefore there may be room for compromise and ensure that Colin as Principal is not vulnerable and the Club reputation is protected. Unfortunately the RYA stance was sympathetic but unbending. Therefore the club had to close the RYA course school. The RYA did agree to assist with senior instructor training and Gareth, mike J and Mike S volunteered to train. Action discharged.

    The new ramp up from the car park.
    The plan new ramp up the bank for which funds have been provided by Thames Water has been signed off by TW and will be built by Russell. A suitable capstan winch has been found by Tony T and this will cost around £3K. Action discharged ( but a check is needed of current winch speed to check match)

    New topper mast rack
    This has been built near the new club boat site by Dave Baldwin. Action discharged

    Encouraging members to re-join
    Mike S has written to members who have not re-joined to enquire why and encourage to. Action discharged

    Club brochure
    Nick Marley agreed to see if this could be revamped and re published, this action awaits an update.

    Sports grant
    Mike S bid for and secured a sports grant. We applied for £700 to buy 4.7 topper sails. Action discharged.

    Uta will speak to Francesca to gain advice on keep the plant life down around the club environs. Ongoing

    Committee to send Mike J a photograph in their likeness. Ongoing

    Mike J has the training room heater – action discharged.

    Alexis will complete a club key replacement and review – action ongoing

    John to purchase another internal camera for the CCTV action ongoing

    Committee updates

    Commodore Mike Storey
    Concern raised that the duty teams are leaving too early on the Sunday and leaving matters to the sailing school.
    Action Mike S to send out a reminder to duties team about timing and responsibility.

    Vice Commodore Uta Griesenbach
    A defibrillator has been chosen and the device is under budget and we have £400 left from fund raising event. It was decided to buy a new TV.
    Action to John Smith to source and buy a suitable TV

    Rear Commodore-Works David Simpson
    : New ramp to be built by Russell
    Russell given the go-ahead to order the grating panels (6-7 weeks lead-time).
    Roller, rings, pulleys and rope drum need to be identified and bought
    We suggest that the TW boat washing station does not go between the two ramps – maybe RHS of existing ramp or where bins are
    New cover on Committee Boat; some of the clips replaced.
    Safety Boat #4 repaired and anti-fouled – thank you Alexis; however, currently not needed on the water
    Action to Alexis: to relaunch buoy 4
    Action to Gareth: To source and purchase a new outer distance mark. It is unlikely one can be made with the required mast

    Rear Commodore-House- Tony Sproat
    The roof is steadily getting worse; there is an urgent need to agree on how we will repair the roof. There are various options for material used. Fibreglass and a rubberised surface are the most popular.
    Decision will be to go with a new GRP roof at a cost of a maximum of approximately £15.6K. However the quotes are unclear if they cover VAT. This quotation is fully inclusive of all access, materials and removal of and building debris.
    What is proposed by the company JB Roofing:

    1. Start off by cleaning the existing area ready to begin a 3 layer GRP system.
    2. Boarding the roof space with OSB sterling boards for a completely fresh roof decking area. Then lay a pre-formed GRP raised edging to the perimeter, this will provide a very neat edging and prevents any water getting to the perimeters below
    3. Then a 3 layer GRP system. They lay a base coat of polyester resin, and then apply a 600mg chop strand fiberglass matting, which will be consolidated for a completely flat surface. Once cured they will then apply a final layer which is a top coat (Solar protection). This will flow across the entire roof deck.
    4. They provide a 25 year workmanship guarantee.

    The only concern being the weight. This will be checked by a structural engineer first. (The structural engineer was employed during the last refit for the building they will be re engaged for this weight check.
    Action to Mike J who will engage the structural engineer.

    Hon Secretary - John Oldham
    Thames water continues to operate across the site and provide steady updates. They have installed a weather station to which we have access (a link could go on the website). They seem to be approximately on schedule and have not caused any concern to club affairs. John will continue to update the committee as and when the next update occurs.

    Hon Treasurer Tessa Groves

    1. Review of cash balance
    2. review of expendtiure
    3. Future spend for review fully next meeting

    We said in July that we can afford to spend £10-15k on other projects this year. Agreed and ongoing:

    • Engine replacement for Alexis’ engine – not this year.
    • West ramp cost £6500 awaits TW meeting and asking them to build for us
    • Boat houses cost £1800 this phase is now complete
    • Soft chair in club house – next year
    • Cover for visions – bought
    • Security upgrade budget £ 3500 – agreed and DONE
    • Outdoor tap – awaits TW potentially building boat washing facilities.
    • Carpet – cost £500 agreed awaits Mike J WAIT UNTIL ROOF DONE
    • Ladies changing room – not agreed mike J to cost
    • Floor down stairs - not agreed mike J to cost
    • Lawn mower - £1000 bought.
    • Roof! Get options
    • More boat shelters?
    • New winch rope? DONE, but awaiting details of cost
    • Bird scarers DONE
    •  Audio

    Action for the next committee meeting: To review and prioritise future spends

    Hon Sailing Secretary - Gareth Griffiths
    The sailing committee has met and minutes from these meeting will refer.

    Membership secretary – Dave Baldwin
    Refunds for cancelled RYA courses
    For the cancelling RYA training courses we took money from 17 people. I think it is about time we issued a refund for the money we were paid.
    The courses I think were cancelled were:

    • Adult RYA Basic Sailing / Better Sailing (Levels 1/2)
    • RYA Assistant Instructor - Junior
    • RYA Youth Sailing Scheme - Stage 1/2
    • RYA Youth Sailing Scheme - Stage 2 - DIRECT ASSESSMENT

    Unless I hear to the contrary I will issue refunds to the people who enrolled onto these courses in the next couple of days.
    Action: Mike S will speak to Colin to get a definitive on this refund next week and inform Dave of the decision.

    Membership Summary
    Members Summary

    Boat Owner


    Non Boat Owner




    Windsurfing Only


    Cadet Boat Owner


    Cadet Non Boat Owner


    Winter Boat Owner Single


    Winter Boat Owner Double


    Winter Crew for IBRSC Member


    Winter Cadet Boat Owner Single


    Winter Cadet Boat Owner Double


    Winter Cadet Crew for IBRSC Member


    Winter Windsurfing Only


    Wednesday Crew


    Wednesday Boat Owner








    Sailing Club



    Scouts have been invoiced (13th April) but as pay by bank transfer I don’t know if they have paid yet (Tessa?).

    Membership Database/Web site
    Added facility for volunteers to register for helping at trysail and junior sailing.

    Daddy Long Legs Bird Scarer
    I have made a prototype but need to refine how the wires are retained as they pull out too easily. I have several ideas how to improve things but have been a bit short of time recently to make a new version.

    Try Sail update - Chris Smith

    The committee agreed that we would offer Tri sailors the opportunity to join the club, use a club boat and have their trysail money refunded. Those that take up this offer will have to join as normal members the following year (March) and then obtain their own boat or hire a club boat.

    Another Topaz has been identified for use by the club by Chris (will need the insurance details await)

    Sailing school and junior sailing update - Colin Bristow / Mike Jones

    Insurance against liability
    We need to be certain that we are covered against individual liability, particular concerns are for instructors or those looking after other sailors. Uta will review the current policy to ensure it is fit for purpose.
    Action to Uta to review.

    On the same theme is the liability for the club skippers in the Solent cruise.
    Action to John to see how far our current policy stretches.

    Concern was raised that some parents on Sunday afternoon are letting the same parents assist with the catering and boat chores, the load needs to be spread. This is most likely a lack of understanding of club practices.
    Action to John. To send out an email to parent about signing up for catering and putting the club away at the end of Sunday.

    Next Meeting @Clubhouse 19.30 hrs 9th October 2017

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