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Sailing Committee Meeting, 22nd June 2017

  • Sailing Committee

    Minutes - Sailing Committee Meeting

    Date: 22 June 2017
    Time: 1930
    Location: Clubhouse

    Attending: Gareth Griffiths (chair), Simon Bean, Uta Griesenbach, Mike Jones, Dave Simpson,
    Not attending: Colin Bristow, Mike Storey, CJ Cavallari,
    Apologies: Ian Peace, Chris Smith, Dave Baldwin

    Minutes prepared by Uta Griesenbach




    Fleet starts

    Gareth questioned whether fleets work? This winter not many Lasers and Solos were out. Maybe a handicap start (slow and fast) would work better. Fleet captains canvassed opinions and there were no strong objections. Aeros don’t want separate start currently and are happy to start as handicap. All agreed to try handicap start in summer season.

    New start sequence, 2 starts fast then slow (opposite to Wednesday), cut off handicap 1000, laser and slower, slow start. Fast start will have aero 7 and 9, aero 5 in slow. If drop from 7 to 5, still race in fast. Will be given handicap for 5. Rig swapping allowed for laser and aero

    Prizes will retain a class element

    Experiment for summer series, reassess at end of summer

    Aero (no separate extraction, stay handicap) and RS200 (extract individual)

    Anniversary: fast and slow start, not gold and silver

    GG to circulate details to the full committee and membership

    UGto check with Nick if he would be happy to extract RS200 results

    Wednesday series

    Proposal: Pursuit races instead of class racing may be a better option.

    Decision: Cant be done. Race needs to be certain length, this is not possible early and late in the season unless all races are kept short. Idea was dropped

    No action required

    Match Racing: May 6 2017

    Good event. Do again next year

    MJ to organise

    Feva match racing

    Fleet to small, take off agenda

    No action required

    Kids vs adult race

    Suggestion was approved

    MJ to decide day and organise

    Fun day July 23 2017

    Usual format

    MJ to organise

    Nick M to put on Website

    MJ to inform membership asap

    October Cruise Sept 30+Oct 1

    3 Skippers for rental yachts identified + 1 or 2 private boats

    MJ to organise

    Nick M to put on Website

    MJ to inform membership asap

    Boat maintenance

    Caroline (lastname?) agreed to support Alexis

    Mike J agree to overhaul toppers.

    Dylan Emmett is considering to help with Visions, but is currently looking for a partner to share task.

    Label visions with big numbers to make reporting easier

    No further action

    MJ to overhaul toppers and buy 2x4.7 sails from Elmsbridge grant

    Final decision outstanding

    UG to order big numbers


    William Tahourdin runs J80 training at Royal Southern Training and spaces are sometimes available– Mike suggested to ask club teens if they are interested

    MJ to make contact with Will T


    Offer to include free use of boat in 1 yr membership to attract TrySailors. Needs committee approval

    CS to discuss at committee meeting

    Boat shelters

    Would be useful to have a video on website. Collin Bristow agreed to look into this at March committee meeting

    UG to speak to Colin

    Social sailing

    At March meeting Collin Bristow agreed to circulate RYA info and info from other clubs on how this could be run and advertised

    UG to speak to Collin

    Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation

    At March meeting Collin Bristow mentioned that free toppers may be available.

    UG to speak to Collin

    Bird faeces

    Spiders work, but are expensive. Dave B may be able to make cheaper models

    UG to speak to Dave B


    Floating boys repaired rather than newly purchased. Thank you Mike J

    No action required

    Summer season

    Split at commodores day, commodores prizes on day, spring series prize later as commodores day is busy.

    GG to decide date for spring series prize giving

    RYA training

    Mike S was planning to talk to Mike J and Chris S re feasibility of running RYA training in parallel to TrySail and Sailing school. Lots of support to enable both.

    Mike J prepared to do DI and SI

    Gareth planning to do SI

    UG to remind Mike S to move this forward

    Liability Insurance

    Liability needs to be reviewed. Nobody really clear

    UG to read insurance policy and feed back

    Organisation of upcoming Opens and Events

    Management of event needs to be improved to maximise participation. Task and people responsible need to be clarified and assigned early.

    Mike J generated a spreadsheet listing events and tasks for 2017

    UG to set up dropbox that all sailing committee members and other relevant people can access and modify.

    Streaker/Solo open

    Simon Bean in charge. Organisation well in hand.

    Commodores day

    Mike J in charge. Organisation well in hand.

    Round the island

    GG to send reminder and overall organise, but cant be there on day. MJ is also away

    GG to find a replacement

    Nick M to add to website

    GG to inform membership

    Topper Open Coaching

    Coming to IBRSC Sept 29th. Good publicity for club. Additional helpers (6) need to be found. Food needs to be provided. MJ and UG away (IB Sailing Cruise). James Williamson in charge for organising.

    Alexis has confirmed that 5 rescue boats will be available

    UG to keep an eye on progress and talk to James W about food

    RYA Feva training

    MJ organised this for March: 17/18 2018 -

    Mike J and CJ involved

    Needs 6 people (catering boats out and getting boats out)

    MJ to organise

    Sailing school

    Collin cant do topper anymore, Johnathan taking over, but may need additional support because ~10 boats with real beginners. Should not exceed 10:1 ration, lower ratio much preferred.

    CJ and Gareth working well together for Feva/laser-

    ALL: Helper for JL needs to be identified


    Thanks Chris: 2 Topaz resurrected for minimal money. These work well for TrySail. A third boat would be very useful. In future this avoids use of Solos for Trysail and makes all Solos available for TryRace

    CS to look into an additional abandoned Topaz


    Circulate minutes to all membership to improve communication in addition to having minutes on website

    UG to circulate and send to Nick M for Website

    Next meeting

    Early/Mid October

    UG to arrange date