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2017 Club Championship, June 11th

  • This SUNDAY,  11 JUNE is the Club Championship which includes the Masters and Veterans.
    Here's how it works. TWO RACES back to back, single start (H flag handicap races). The second starts straight after the first.
    There are no lunchtime races so we can get the results done and prize giving before junior sailing school starts.

    The CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP is decided on standard handicaps.
    There will also be junior prize for the leading junior (I'm thing 16 or under)
    Age group prizes based on standard handicaps

    The Veterans trophy is decided on AGE ADJUSTED handicaps.
    Here's how that works...
    For each boat take the combined age of helm and crew (or double the helm for single handers).
    If the combined age is OVER 100 ADD ONE to the handicap for each year over 100.
    If the combined age is LESS than 100 SUBTRACT TWO from the handicap for each year under 100.So if for example you have a Solo helmed by someone age 85 the age value is 170 (85*2) so the handicap is 70 points higher than regular PY.
    If you have an RS200 help age 50 but crew age 20 the total is 70 so the handicap is reduced by 60 points.

    Gareth is Race Officer for the day/ any questions email me or ask him on the day.
    First race starts at 10:30 as usual .  I'll be aiming for about 45 min races. The second race will start as soon as I can after the first, probably about 11:30 so that we can then have lunch do the results and have the prize giving before junior sailing starts.

    Look forward to seeing you all there.

    Club Open with Covid Safe Restrictions    find out more