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Wednesday 26th April - Race 1 of the 2017 Series

  • Wednesday Evening Series Race 1

    The Wednesday evening sailing series could not have got of to a better start.  20+ boats, a decent wind and some close racing. Well done to the Race Officer and all his team; four laps on the first night of the season! They eked out every last minute of light and it was pretty dark by the time everyone was off the water. Although it was now cold and dark a delicious lasagna by Chris Smith helped everyone warm up.  And,  a very informative rules talk by Chris Simon got us up to speed with the latest on tacking the the zone. Thanks to Colin Bristow for organising that.


    Handicap (Standard Scoring),  full results are here
    1. Kevin Pearson (Laser) 
    2. Mike Storey (EPS)
    3. Gareth Griffiths (Aero 9) 
    Personal Handicap,  full results are here
    1. Maise Bristow (Laser 4.7) 
    2. Mike Storey (EPS) 
    3. Ching Wong (Feva Xl) 

    Some personal handicaps are provisional because we don't have enough results, but almost whatever band we put her in it looks like Maise Bristor put in a great performance in a laser 4.7 and Kevin Pearson dominated the Standard results. We must be getting keen with 21 boats sailing and with two boats (Gareth and Paul W-A) being called back (OCS) in the fast start and having to work hard to climb back through the fleet. The first 8 boats being all different classes does suggest that handicap racing is very much alive. Biggest fleet was the RS200's and Solos each with 4 boats out then three Aero 9's and Laser Radials etc.