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Team Pursuit

  • IBRSC Team pursuit - 26 Sept

    With the less than friendly weather, grey cold northerly wind with some quite nasty squalls and rain forecast for later in the day we only had six teams sailing, the ‘Grandads’ team wisely deciding the conditions were not to their liking.

    As I’m sure you all know by know we gave everyone a personal rating 0 (scratch) being fastest down to band 5 for our relative novices. This gave a very extended start sequence with a band 5 topper starting nineteen minutes before the base start, and an RS600 scratch sailor starting twenty two minutes after the base (or 41 minutes after the band 5 topper). To spread the fleet out the RO set a very long course – so long that every slot on the course board was used (good job is was a pursuit, there was no slot left for number of laps). This clearly caught out a few sailors who found an eight mark course just too much to remember!

    The teams that did sail had some pretty fast sailing in challenging conditions - the personal handicaps definitely showed their worth with the first scratch sailor coming in a lowly fifth place. At the front is was James Curtis in a Topper – powering through the squalls and pulling out a huge lead for the fast boats to chase. Second was Andy Collison in the Magno benefiting from a band 5 handicap but making good use of it staying upright when many faster sailors sampled the waters. Third was Mike Storey in the EPS from band 1 with George Woolhouse (Topper band 4) just pipping Gareth for fifth.

    In the team event however it was the consistency of the Curtis Crusaders that saw them clear winners. James first, Peter sixth and Mike 7th. Second team was the Windy Wobblers - Andy Collison, Dave Simpson and Nick Marley who made good use of their personal handicaps to just pip Gareth’s team of Solo ‘Young Pretenders’ – Gareth Griffiths, Paul Playle and Ben Jones. With the conditions taking their toll these were the ony teams where all members finished.



    TEAM Results

    1st Curtis Crusaders

    2nd Windy Wobblers

    3rd Young Pretenders

    4th Unattached (Mike Storey, Carl Mayhew, Stewart Harries)

    5th Wimbledon Park Wanderers (George Woolhouse, Nicholas Houchois, Ed Camberlain)

    6th Unknown Quantum (Glen Cole, Ray and Kirsty)


    INDIVIDUAL results

    1st James Curtis

    2nd Andy Collison / Matthew

    3rd Mike Storey


    4. George Woolhouse

    5. Gareth Griffiths

    6. Peter Curtis

    7. Mike Curtis / Howard Shone

    8. Dave Simpson

    9. Ben Jones

    10. Paul Playle

    11. Nick Marley

    12. Ray Poole

    13. Glen Cole

    14. Nicholas Houchois


    DNF Carl Mayhew, Ed Chamberlain, Stewart Harries, Ray Lambe  and Kirsty