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Attention Focused Elsewhere? Weds 10th August

  • Well, coming to the end of the series, and at rigging time: well actually I was more interested in the latest news from Rio. You can get the Olympic results from here. Anyway, its towards the end of the series, and the race team sensibly set a shortish quadrilateral: beat, closish reach, run - well very deep reach by the time the wind had finished playing around, and another closish reach back to the start. 

    It was, well, it was a pleasant light airs evening sail... I managed to stuff up my race completely by getting the little Moth spectacularly stuck in irons: its strange: I reshaped the daggerboard so its a half reasonable profile instead of the old school rounded off plank it had before, and it seems to stall out more thoroughly than before. Odd. I probably need to make a new board that's larger in area. Other than that highlight of my race was overtaking an Aero 9 - but unfortunately not Gareth's. 

    I fear I'm struggling for a report here. Have you seen the Olympic results? As I write, at the end of day 2, Nicola and Ben are in second place with equal points behind the Australian team, who were the bookies favourites. It was interesting having a viepoint on the racecourse from CJ, who has raced in the bay below Sugar Loaf mountain. The wind does indeed do some very odd things it seems. 

    Oh yes, our results. Gareth won. In the personal handicap Andrew Jones won, and is now leading the series with results that in general have improved as the series has gone on. Well done:-)

    And here's a photo from Rio...

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