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It must be the silly season (Wed 3 Aug) - updated

  • It is probably peak holiday season now with schools broken up because although there was a great wind - perhaps that put some off - there wasn't a huge turnout this week. Traditionally the press always called summer the silly season because not much happens while everyone's on holiday so they find silly stories. We didn't need to invent them, our sailors did it for themselves.
    Wind was a brisk about 15-20 mph SW. The course was trying to get two beats and a reach and a run (and a shore finish because the duty team was a bit thin). In the end the reach was rather broad which was a shame because the gusts were quite tasty and boats were planing madly around before the start. So we had a course: start near F, beat to 7, reach to 3, reach to 2, beat to X, shorter run to 1 and fetch back to F so that finishing would be along the shore for a bank finish. In the end the 'nice reach' from 7 all the way to 3 was a bit too broad as the wind went a bit more west. 
    Silly season 1. With two RS200's they started in different starts. 
    Silly season 2: 2-X-1 is quite clearly a mark to starboard but when the leading boats approached all bar one elected to position for a port rounding, several actually rounding including calling 'starboard' on the one going round the right way... Much mayhem and shouting and unwinding further compliacted by the Phantom capsizing right by the mark as he unwound... I THINK everyone unwound themsleves, but the fun gave Kevin Pearson who had elected to drop down to a radial - the only boat in the leading buch who rounded correctly - a substantial lead. 
    It was fairly windy several capsizes and we also had four laser 4.7's out - with Alex Storey impressively close to the leading bunch for the first lap and taking a solid win in the personal handicap. I think by the time he got to X the leaders were just unwinding. 
    After that excitement the race settled down to three laps for all except the topper 4.2. Good to also see a couple of TrySailors out in 4.7's though they didn't make the start they did sail round a lap for parctice.
    Just two weeks to go - the evenings definitely getting shorter. Provisional results in the usual place - some tings will need Jim's expertise to fix - I haven't created aliases for new entries and there are some multiple entries that will need merging. If you haven't already thanked Jim for his results service please do - it's a lot more work that you might think when people sail multiple boats start in the wrong start etc.

    Updated Results.

    Here are the results with the extras, and here are the combined results, with results for multiple classes merged. This is a first pass at the combined results: I'm trying a hopefully less arduous way of doing this, and I haven't noted the alternate classes, nor been expecially careful about making sure the personal handicap and main results are against the same class.