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Round The Island 2016


    Saturday 30th July

    Due to the cycle sportive and pro race closing roads around the Club from early morning there is no organised sailing on Sunday 31st July.

    Instead we run the IBRSC Time Trial on Saturday 30th July.

    This is an EVENT for EVERYONE. It’s a great time to have a picnic at the club and include sailing for everyone. The format is very simple – just like a Grand Prix qualifying – you do a lap and the fastest time wins.

    Its a great chance to try other boats or help you decide what boat to get.


    Maybe do one in your boat, then try a different class, take the family round, change crews.

    CLUB boats will all be available for use with NO FEE – Vision, RS200, Laser, Solo, Feva, Topper (or even Oppie). If using a club boat please do only do one lap before checking if someone else wants the boat. Club members may also allow you to use their boats.

    TRYSAIL, TRYRACE and RTC students are invited. 

    Briefing 10:45 (or see Gareth at any time during the day)

    Fill in an entry for each boat combination before you start the lap: Name(s), Class, SAIL NUMBER.

    We set a small start gate at Mark F, but there is no crowded start line. In fact its a good idea to find a gap before starting so you get clear wind and the race team can clearly see you cross the line. You sail through the line and do an anticlockwise circuit with all marks to port and finish over the same line. You can continue and do another lap or you can change boats.

    No fixed start time – The start gate will open between 11:00 and 13:00, then again between 13:30 and 14:30.

    You can complete your lap so long as you started while gate open.

    Results/prize giving at 15:00

    Unlike the Grand Prix we don’t rule anyone out after Q1 and your fastest time counts with prizes for many categories… at least Overall, Fastest club boat lap, Personal handicap and probably more to be decided on the day.

    COVID Guidance    find out more