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Little Darling, it feels like years since its been here... (Weds 20th)

  • Well, if there was a better place to be than on the water yesterday evening I don't know where it was. Hot sunshine, warm water (only too well aware of that personally), decent sailing breeze, more or less the perfect Wednesday evening really.

    Course. A rather complicated one to describe. Start line halfway up the near side of the reservoir, shortish beat, rach across to the middle, deep reach come run back down the reservoir, a long beat back up, a long deep reach right down to leeward of the start line and a short beat to the start/finish line. So, effectively, there was a gate on the a longish beat on the intermediate laps, and I'm afraid several people got caught out.

    So, the race. I missed it. I managed to turn the little Moth over before the start, and having, as I do, problems with righting technique, I was a long time getting sorted. When I did I was going to join the race on lap two, at which point I discovered the rudder pintle was now held on with one rivet instead of four... I did notice I was by no means the only one to try the delightfully cool water, and there seemed to be some good racing going on. First to finish was Mike Curtis' RS400, but with James Curtis in reasonably close attendance in an RS300. Paul Playle unfortunately missed the gate on one lap and had to go back, which considerably damaged an otherwise good race.

    Looking at the results, James won, Mike & Harry were second, Kevin Pearson 3rd in a Laser, Paul P 4th, Andy Barnett 5th in his RS200 and Evan Cairns 6th.

    Just one problem. Too many people didn't put a card in the rack. This is especially an issue with club boats and the like. As you can see from the results there are a number of people I haven't identified.

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