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Commodores Day 2016

  • The Jolly Roger flew for this year's Commodore's Open Day which repeated the popular format of the previous year with a series of 6 short races for the keen sailors with junior starts in the morning and seperate Oppie racing on their own course, followed by pirate ship building and a barbecue.

    The racing, was notable for its closeness. 5 winners in 6 races is unusual, especially in club racing. In particular it was close in amongst the Curtis tribe (plus some guest crews) who had at least one boat in the top 3 in every race. Honours went, by a very narrow margin and thanks to a win in the last race, to Mike Curtis, sailing with Julie Harrison in an RS400 (1,2,7,3,5,1) with Peter Curtis, sailing with Fiona Fardon, 2nd in an RS200 (4,4,1,2,6,2), and the younger generation, James and Harry, third in another RS200 (3,1,4,8,3,3).

    A few photos  (the full set can be found here - Commodore's Day 2017): 


    6 photographs


    The results are here.

    After the racing, ex-Commodore and member of over 40 years standing, Peter Curtis, was presented with a framed photo souvenir of his loyalty to the Club in advance of his impending permanent relocation to Cambridgeshire. Island Barn's loss is Grafham's gain and we will miss you Peter.

    Then the pirates came out to play and there was much on the water fun as 4 pirate ships set about each other with water fueled armaments. Here's a few more photos.


    7 photographs

    Thanks most definitely due to Mike Jones and Uta Griesenbach who made sure the day went smoothly.