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Weds 13th July

  • What a 'Summer' its been so far. Amother rainy day, but thank goodness again the skies cleared somewhat for the evening. Light airs, but nothing as bad as last week's drift-fest.

    Course wise we got, effectively, a rectangle with a mid beat start/gate/finish line. In theory I suppose there was nothing to stop you sailing between committee boat and jetty a very few yards further in on the intermediate laps, but it didn't look advisable and I don't think anyone did. Lining up before the start I gained the impression that the line was starboard end biased at the port end and port end biased at the starboard end, which is an interesting trick and I'm not sure how Messrs Pearson and Curtis managed it... 

    Features of the evening were no Solos out at all, but a very healthy turnout of RS200s. The first start wasn't particularly spectacular, with the fleet well scattered along the line, but aggressive tactics for the second start saw three boats called back to try again. The run turned out to be somewhat biased to port gybe, although not enough for the kite boats to be able to go anything like straight, and the wind clocked round a bit more during the course of the evening, and, for the third lap, dropped a fair bit. 

    Andy Barnett's RS200 was the star of the day, finishing first on the water ahead of an RS400 and an Aero 9 amongst others. The results are here. Andy took a well deserved win a little ahead of Tom Wilson in a laser, but these two were two corrected minutes ahead of the rest of the fleet. Paul W/A took 3rd in his Aero, CJ, sailing with Chris Smith 4th in a 200, and John Smith and John Magrath rounded out the top 6 in Lasers.

    Series wise, little change...