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Weds 29th June

  • Well, another dismal day, and another pretty reasonable evening. Again the rain largely went each side of us, and there was a very decent breeze.

    Course... Difficult to describe. A longish beat, a roughly beam reach on starboard across the top, a long run down, and then a short semi beat come fetch on starboard, followed by a long shy reach back to the start. The long shy reach looked great fun on single sail boats and faster boats, but distinctly less favourable if you were in an RS200... Many of the photos below were taken on that leg.

    Writing this a couple of days later the memory has faded a bit, but I recall Cormac O'Brian looking very good in a 4.2 Topper, and Ching Wong ahead of her sister, both in Fevas. Kevin Pearson was going pretty well, and so, omninously was Gareth in the Aero, sometimes able to plain on the top reach when heavier boats couldn't.

    Results are here. No major suprises I suppose, but good results for Cormac and Ching, which they well deserved.

    Here a a few snaps I took of the racing. Complete set as ever is on the club PC.


    15 photographs